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An alternative to public & homeschooling: Ages 7-18

If you are looking for a small and an intimate environment, The Virtuoso School might be perfect for your child. The Virtuoso School is for ages 7-18 for a class up to 20 students. Learning will include both independent, geared for the age of the child, as well as group classes.


Schedule is Monday through Thursday, 8:30-2:00 and Friday 10:00-4:00. We start the day off reading, and then go for a group run at 9:00 sharp. After the run, we do 1-2 exercises using our own body weight. 

9:30 we start the morning curriculum.

The curriculum uses a combination of computer, books, and hands-on learning. Each morning will be structured the same: prioritizing Language Arts, Writing, Spelling and Math, the whole Reading, Writing and Arithmetic foundation. Each student is required to bring a computer with headset and/or books. 


Lunch and recess is 10:45-11:30. A packed lunch will be needed daily.

The alternating classes: Healthy Cooking Class, Sewing, World Geography, Social Interactions, Spanish, Cricital Thinking Skills, Life Skills 101 for Teens and 7th grade Science.

Healthy Meals Cooking Classes is an additional $100/month or $25/week class, Mondays 12:00-2:00, where the students make a whole family meal to take home! Student need to bring in their own glass dish. The Sewing Class with Ms. Jeanne is an option instead of the cooking class; same cost. 


Pricing is intended to be affordable, $395 per month. All books, field trips and subscription ($40/ month) will be required of the student. 


Schedule a tour and review the curriculum with Destiny today. Class enrollment is limited.

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The Virtuoso School: Welcome


The Virtuoso School: Welcome
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Meet the Staff

Destiny Ringgold, Headmistress, Foundational & Cooking Teacher


Elyse Hanlon, World Geography & Social Interactions Teacher


Jeanne Ridgway, Sewing Teacher


Jolly Loyola, Spanish Teacher


Matt Williams, Critical Thinking Teacher


Jason Tilton, Life Skills 101 for Teens & 7th grade Science Teacher

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Sign up for Lessons & Events at

The Virtuoso Music Studios & School

7 Glenwood Place Pennsville, NJ 08070

Thanks for submitting!

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